Ever have one of those mind-melding journeys through time and space when it feels like someone is reading your mind, where your every thought manifests itself in unpredictable ways? You have if you use a smartphone, and especially if you engage social media on that smartphone. And it’s not really unpredictable. It’s commercial.

Next time you’re at a bar with friends, mention mountain biking or wedgies or the cultural disappearance of the hand-written note, and see how long it takes for an ad for Trek, Tommy John, or Montblanc to appear in your Facebook or Instagram feed. It’s spooky, really, how precise technology and digital mining have become in such a short period of time. Your phone’s microphone and your conversation with friends conspire against you to bring a more engaging capitalism to your door. Now run that scenario out like it’s the latest Jason Bourne thriller and your organization is the target. Feel that? That’s what vulnerable feels like.

Hey Siri, Look Up Bankruptcy

When you think of social engineering, you think of somebody pretending to be an IT repair guy inserting an infected thumb drive into a network computer. Again, think Jason Bourne. But imagine the digital version of that being ever present, probably on the desk or table in front of you right now, listening and processing what you say.

ICS can help you identify threats and vulnerabilities before they result in breaches or incidents that derail your organization and cost you organizational time and treasure.

Say it loud and say it proud. “Hey Siri, Call ICS.”