Ever have one of those sales calls or conference calls where you just don’t seem to connect? It’s like the folks on the other side of the line are speaking another language, and try as you might, you just can’t get through to them, and that inability controls the death spiral that your conversation becomes. Well, this is just like that, only different.

Reports, including this one from SecurityWeek, suggest that nation-state actors with connections to the Chinese government have pwned a number of telco providers around the globe and established control over their networks. That means, quite literally, that they control the conversation. Imagine a scenario where attackers have gained access to a specific phone number along with its call history and related data. While the data would only be useful to a sliver of the population—mostly intelligence operatives—patterns and routines or targeted personnel could easily be discerned and leveraged.

If this is starting to sound like a James Bond movie, then cast yourself in the lead role. Make sure you include the gadgets and the Bond girls and the suave, bon vivant air because you’ll need all that good stuff to move the bad stuff out of your mind. And there will be bad stuff.

The Right Stuff, Without The Rocket

ICS is the James Bond of the cybersecurity world. Our Mandarin may be a bit rusty, but our capacity to protect your network and data from evil villains is epic, maybe even Oscar-worthy.

Call ICS today, before your organization devolves into some B-movie horror show where the actor feels safe walking into the basement. Nothing good comes of that.