Hurricane Season is upon us, though it seems at times to be ever-present. The damage seems to reach farther than it used to, as well, making predictability less of a science than a hope. These days, it’s tough to hang your hat on hope.

In addition to your physical premises, you have data to think about, networks to protect, and servers to secure. Your building cannot escape danger when storms rise, but steps can be taken to see that it avoids damage. The cyber side of your business needs the tech equivalent of plywood and sandbags. How can we take steps to protect your interests, physical and digital?

Plan, Prepare, Prevail

Weather has no conscience and it strikes without emotion. The media likes to tell the stories of the ill-prepared. The trailer parks in tornado alley that almost evaporate, the coastal communities that disappear from the landscape, the towns swallowed by the rivers that run through them, the lives and businesses devastated.

What we don’t hear as often are the stories of businesses who developed disaster recovery plans and established alternate locations that that allowed their people and their data to continue operations in the face of natural disasters that now seem increasingly inevitable.

ICS can’t hold back the tide or stop the rain, but we can help make sure the weather doesn’t hold your business back or stop your people from making the world a better place with your data. Take a look at our Business Continuity Planning services as a starting point. And then let’s talk about your future.