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Jet-lagged And Held For Ransom

Ever have one of those days when you felt like you ended a bumpy flight into LaGuardia clutching the airsick bag with white knuckles, only to realize at baggage claim that your luggage was on the way to Salt Lake? If you haven’t it’s only a matter of time.

Now imagine a world where somebody could inflict that sort of pain intentionally. Well, maybe not the bumpy flight part, but certainly the baggage boondoggle. At least in theory. In practice, though, a New York airport was recently attacked by ransomware, so the door is ajar, as they say. More details on that hack are available here. For our purposes, though, it is enough to remember that airline navigation and flight controls have been hacked through that cabin entertainment portals while in flight, and now the airport vulnerability bubbles up into public awareness. Makes the 1970s movie “Airplane” seem less and less funny. Except for the autopilot sequence. That’s timeless.

How To Help Your Business Take Off

There’s no doubt that tending your digital garden vigilantly is increasingly important. Every day brings news that names you know and trust have been breached, and individual and organizational populations now fall into two categories: those who have been breached and those who will.

As you set your course and give your staff directions into the year ahead, why not get a fresh set of eyes on the money maker, your network and data? ICS can bet that set of eyes to give your organization the right vector, Victor. The needed clearance, Clarence. So call ICS today. Roger, Roger. Huh?