If you live and work in the IT world long enough, you begin to speak in a strange vernacular, a language specific to the task of dispensing information efficiently to others who also know the language. IT, for example, is more efficient than information technology. API is more efficient than application program interface, which is itself used often when developing GUIs, or graphical user interfaces. With an acronym, WYSIWYG. Raise your hand if you know what that means. You get the picture.

Just beyond the acronyms are the words and phrases that often attach themselves whimsically to products and programs. Windows replaced DOS, for example, and Apple has worked through all types of animals to land on Mojave as a current OS. The whimsical nature of the program names really shines in the AppDev world, where JBoss gets in a Scrum with Tomcat and a Python named Ajax rides an Electric Beanstalk to Grunt at an Apache sipping Java on a vmWare cloud. These program names are so fun to say, and they’re easily worked into a great story. You should try that.

What’s Your Story?

Anybody can use the program names to create a good story, but not everybody can use the programs to develop great applications for your organization. But ICS can. The professionals at ICS use these programs and many others to cultivate the right apps for the right purpose every day, and if they’re not telling your story yet, you’re at a SharePoint that will make you SQL like a MondoDB while your business runs like a Ruby On Rails.

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