As we approach our national birthday, now 242 years in the making, let’s look at the trends and expectations settling out there on the horizon. Threats are up, breaches are increasing in size and scope, ransomware is hitting public and private organizations, and researchers struggle to keep pace with the clever people with bad intentions. Before we eat the cake, we ought to light the way to a more secure future.

One if by LAN, Two if IP

ICS understands the quandary of budgeting. We also struggle to respond to an array of stakeholders, weighing risks and rewards and deploying resources where we see the greatest return. Like you, ROI is in our DNA.

Just like the American colonists, your organization faces unwanted usurpation of power, a foreign and digital hand pulling the switches and buttons and access codes and passwords and all manner of ill-gotten ones and zeros. Paul Revere is saddled and ready, but are we taking his night ride seriously enough? If you could avoid unwanted but seemingly inevitable invasion for pennies on the dollar, would you?

The Shot Heard Round the Web

Meet the New King George. Same as the Old George. He’s a hacker. And the burdensome tax he levies is currently estimated at $80 billion. That’s what folks spent on cybersecurity last year, and it’s projected to increase by at least 10% this year. For the record, it’s also more than four times what Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook spent on R&D last year, combined. So there’s that.

The Battle is Joined

ICS is the highly-skilled band of Minutemen that stands ready to help you thwart even the most sinister of cyber threats. With risk assessment tools and network penetration testing, ICS can clear a perimeter and post a guard, all without breaking the budget.

Take another look at your business and ask yourself, “What is freedom worth?” Now budget a tiny fraction of that number and call in the Minutemen of ICS to secure that freedom for you. Call now. It’ll only take a minute.

Happy Independence Day!