We live in a world of robocalls and spam, a digital landscape that requires an increasingly detailed view of our particulars to gain entry. At that point, organizations not unlike your own are tasked with securing that data against the endless wave of threats washing up on every shore. We have PINs and passwords, logins and leading questions, all to limit access to our data. And yet we must provide it, for the world now runs on data, and the Luddites will be left behind in this digital end of times.

Our founding fathers faced a conundrum in 1789. They knew the question of slavery, unresolved constitutionally, would fester until conflagration cauterized the inevitable wound. The early 1860s saw to that. Today, though, we seem to face a similar question of basic rights, and the idea of privacy will enter every conversation as digital footprints continue the march of time. Some tech companies will give it lip service, as described in a recent NY Times piece, just as the framers of our constitution did through four score and seven years of America’s infancy.
Civil Discourse, Definitive Action
European fundamental rights to privacy and Chinese restrictions on global technology trade in preference for domestically-produced products suggest that we are approaching a robust global debate on the tension between technology and privacy. And experts suggests that over 2 million current cyber jobs remain unfilled, awaiting people with the right skills.
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