One would think that the fastest way to an organization’s heart is through its network, and that may be true, but one might still be curious how hackers prefer to pave the path to the promised land. Is it through malicious adware contracted like a disease through misspent clicks online? Is it one of a thousand phishing scams that infect our digital narrative these days, from Nigerian princes to high school chums with something you’ve got to see, to male enhancement wonderpharma. We seem to take the bait just often enough to make those strategies compelling. But browsers and emails are just the beginning.

In a recent article, CSO reports that Kaspersky Lab researchers have discovered a strong uptick in the deployment of malicious exploits through Microsoft Office, usually penetrating through software that has not been recently updated. One reason for this may be that while the productivity suite uses a complex web of file types (many potential points of entry), all of that variety is deeply integrated into a single operating system. To use a home security metaphor, once a hacker gains access through a garage door that somebody forgot to lock a decade ago, he’s got full run of the house, including a hand in the cookie jar.

The Office Party Hangover

Office parties are often legendary. It affords a group of folks who work together to drop their guard a little and relate on a human level. Sometimes too human, but that’s another story. First, call ICS. Let’s make sure your office and organization are safe and secure, and then we’ll worry about Chuck in sales. That guy’s an animal.