Everybody knows the Internet of Things is changing the way we live in substantive ways, from thermostats and toaster ovens to alarm systems and lighting controls. If you’re sitting at a hotel bar in Schenectady and want to mix a smoothie in your own kitchen back in Phoenix, there’s an app for that. You might also ask yourself why you’re sitting in a hotel bar in Schenectady, but that’s another story. Another question worth asking is where does this all stop? What price are we willing to pay for convenience?

A recent Independent article reveals a new low for the discerning consumer of IoT devices. Apparently, children’s toys and baby monitors are no longer insulated from the grimy grasp of those who would do harm to you and yours. Nanny Cams that can be hacked to work against you, and baby monitors that can be manipulated to send the wrong information about your child. And those are the ones you know about because you turn them on and off regularly. Imagine the other, less utilized toys and devices sending your every movement and utterance to the highest bidder. If that doesn’t scare you, you’re not listening. But they are.

Toy Story 8: The IT Showdown

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