Ever heard of the term “Think Tank?” No doubt you have, and most of them are centered around policy development and political lobbying in our state and national capitols. Some gravitate to specific areas of interest, like oil and gas, foreign relations, or various manifestations of specific ideologies, all working to mold public opinion into a more generous reflection of their ideas.

Cynicism aside, think tanks can do good work, but the term evokes an image of really smart people sitting around a table in a glass-enclosed room considering heady topics while the great unwashed and less able look on from the outside. It’s time to shatter that glass, uh, wall.

ICS has some really bright people on staff, the types of people who sit in the fishbowl and strategize and pontificate and think deeply. But we’re taking our nerds out of the bubble and putting them to work. For you.

Our Innovation Council, the leading edge of our efforts, the ones who look way out over the hood, are now actively engaged with our customers, cultivating fresh ideas and giving our clients ready access to, quite literally, the smartest guys and gals in the room. Any room. Our hope is to leverage more effectively our very able brain trust in a way that allows your organization to continually improve your IT environment and operations.

So if you want a fresh set of really sharp eyes on your IT infrastructure, call ICS today.