You finally snag the quiet corner at the coffee shop, you local retreat when you really need to get work done. Something about the ambient noise and the fact that nobody around you works with, near, or for you. Just a collection of pilgrims on the road to revenue, beneficiaries of the gig economy hopped up on espresso and pumpkin spice. Take the guy next to you, the one sporting skinny jeans over Chucky T’s and a faux flannel shirt beneath an emerging beardlet. He’s got the right glasses, an open Moleskine notebook in front of him, and just the right number of stickers on the opened lid of his MacBook Pro. Probably working on a social capital start-up, right?

Hooked On Krack

He doesn’t look familiar because he blends into the hipster vibe of every coffee shop you visit. But he knows you, and he knows you well. And right now, as you surf the quasi-free interwebs that come with your coffee, Sebastian over there is all up in your kitchen.

The area between you and the WAP might as well be an open book. A flaw in the popular Wi-Fi Protected Access II, or WPA2, standard allows hackers to sample communications between your computer and the base station. The KRACK exploit renders encryption less than secure, and opens your organization’s network to the world, all while Sebastian smugly sips his spiced macchiato and scans your emails.

Don’t Drink And Dive

Net time you saddle up to a latte to sneak in a little productivity, remember Sebastian. And call ICS. We’ll walk you through a host of security measures you should be taking. We might even buy the coffee.