2faPasswords are the first line of defense for critical network infrastructure. Building an organizational expectation for strong password use in no longer seen as an option. It is now a requirement. If you can get your staff to deploy 8-12 characters randomly selected from all varieties available, that’s $uPer GrE@+.


The next line of defense, at the user level, is two-factor authentication. Most of your staff probably uses this convenient security layer on some of your apps, but their use might now put your network in peril. Many who have used 2FA successfully for years have done so through SMS, where a one-time access code is sent via text. This practice was considered cutting edge until, as of very recently, SMS systems came under repeated attacks, and tectonic plates began to shift imperceptibly beneath our feet. The Twitter accounts of avowed Democrats began tweeting for Trump, zebras resolved the black or white stripe questions, and roosters slept into the late morning. It was ugly.



We should all strengthen our passwords and our resolves to be better stewards of our networks and data. The Bad Guys seem increasingly intent to do harm, and our digital footprints are growing like Candidate Pinocchio’s nose in an election year.


To get a better handle on your exposure, Call ICS today and line up a complete vulnerability assessment. We can take a hard look at your network and procedures from soup to nuts, before the Bad Guys eat your lunch. Call today. Reservations encouraged. Exquisite wine pairings are optional.