Even the best intentions can complicate matters. In pursuit of increased transparency, for example, the government designed and maintains a website portal to facilitate Freedom of Information Act requests by the public. According to a recent CNN report, that website was undergoing some minor design changes when social security numbers and other sensitive data were released to the wild. The error was fixed after CNN alerted them, and the amount of data released was very small, but the episode underscores the vulnerability of all organizations, even those trying to do the right thing.

The Moral Of The Story

Like the rest of the world, your organization relies on your network and data to grow your business and improve the lives of your stakeholders. But that data is only as good as it’s usability to your staff and clients. So changes have to be made from time to time, and the human element returns to the process with a vengeance.

The human element, though, is a particular strength for ICS. We have a team of specialists waiting to facilitate your every digital footstep, in a clear, efficient, and safe manner. And these specialists can be added to your team as needed, allowing your organization to remain nimble and fleet of foot, ready to pounce on opportunities like green on grass.

The Morale Of The Story

What better way to demonstrate good faith in your staff than by adding the help they need when and as they need it. Call ICS, and let’s make that happen.