Let’s go back to the day when IT professionals wore wire-rimmed glasses and pocket protectors. They didn’t want to stain the pockets of their white short-sleeved shirts or black ties. In fact, let’s replay the entire memory in black and white, just for fun. It can be so nostalgic to remember the old days. Turns out, they’re not as gone or forgotten as we used to think.

A new report from Avast (the PC Trends of 2019, reviewed by The Hacker News here) suggests that many folks prefer the good old days, and increase their vulnerability to hacking by retaining outdated apps on their computers. I know, right? Who doesn’t have an older version of Skype or Mozilla or WinZip on their computer? Well, if you are one of those who do, you increase your threat of breach by ignoring the security enhancements of the newer versions of these apps. And chances are, if you’re not updating apps, you’re not updating operating systems either.

This Procrastination Will Not Stand, Man

Remember Global WannaCry? That malware exploited a security hole in previous versions of Windows, like Windows XP, that Microsoft had patched in newer, supported versions of the operating system.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” seems to be the guiding mantra. The reality is, though, if you’re running old equipment or old versions of apps, it’s broke. ICS can use tools like optimized network operations to enable your equipment to help itself. And your organization.

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