Ever gotten one of those emails that lets you know your account has been hacked? Maybe it was your email account, and all of your contacts received a quirky email from you unawares, touting the benefits of a particular enhancement drug or the prospects of a Nigerian fortune. Those are pretty common. But how about something a little less ordinary. Like your Open Table account, where you make dinner reservations. Or maybe your airline membership account, that may or may not store your credit card information. Or how about your grocery store savings card account. Does this mean that somewhere in the world a stranger is printing your boarding pass, sitting at your favorite table, or using your online coupons to save and extra 50 cents on laundry detergent? Not likely. It probably means somebody is getting really close to the pay dirt.

A Bucket Full Of Little Drips

As our digital footprint continues to grow, we put our personal security into the hands of more and more “trusted” vendors who collect small pieces of connective tissue that make up our identity. Names, addresses, and phone numbers are often gathered without  sensitive or financial information, so we feel safe with those accounts. A hacker will exploit even the smallest opening to verify other accounts or speculate on passwords, with the goal of sneaking your data out the back door.

Don’t leave your pie to cool on the windowsill like that. Use complex passwords or 2FA on all accounts, and encourage your staff to do the same. And call ICS to start a conversation about improving your cybersecurity, before your favorite table is reserved by someone else who looks just like you.