‘Tis the night before Christmas. You’ve hung the stockings with care and set out the cookies and carrots. Your organization’s year-end results suggest that you’ve been good, but you better not cry, better not pout, and here’s why: you’re hoping for even more growth in 2018 and Santa’s coming to town.

Ho Ho Hold That Thought For A Minute

As visions of sugarplums dance in your head, you think you hear the click of hooves on the rooftop. There is the familiar slide down the chimney or, for the fireplace-challenged, the open back door. But then the little voice in your head, the one that stays awake at night to worry about your business, asks a good question. Are you sure the visitor is the historically correct, well-intentioned, elf-managing, Mayor of the North Pole? Or is it some drunk in a rented red suit and fake beard?

Ghosts Of Christmas Future

No business works in a vacuum. We all have open chimneys and doors through which we spread good cheer and deliver lots of toys to good little customers throughout the year. And while Santa makes a list and checks it twice, even he doesn’t always know who’s naughty and who’s nice. But we do. And so should you.

ICS sweeps chimneys and doors and networks and even code, looking for Scrooges who want to penetrate your living room, eat your cookies and carrots, and ruin your holiday spirit. Celebrate the New Year by calling our workshop today. Our elves are standing by to make your Ghosts of Christmas Future handsome, charming, and profitable.