Organizational Climate Change


Planning is part of business, and the emerging changes in our physical world certainly play into that. Unexpected rains and flooding seem to strike different regions of the country with increasing frequency, and the usual threats like hurricanes and tornadoes haven’t completely resigned the stage. […]

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I’m with the Government, and I’m Here to Hold a Hearing


We hear a lot about homeland security, both the pursuit and the official government department. The TSA is probably the latter’s most visible, and often most toxic, representative, especially when you see the little old lady victimized by the random full body search. The work they do is important, but a lot of it never [...]

I’m with the Government, and I’m Here to Hold a Hearing2019-05-28T21:11:39+00:00

Planning for Natural Chaos


Nature’s Good Side How confident are you that that your network would survive a lightning strike or even a one-hour power outage? Let’s say you’re pretty sure you’ve got the right things in place to weather the storm. Have you tested your strategy in the last month? Year? At any point since the Reagan Administration? [...]

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The Certainty of Uncertainty


Boys (and Girls) of Summer Summer’s almost over. The kids are making their way back to school, and the parents are breathing a sigh of relief. Time has flown over the last three months, leaving in its wake a sandy, chlorine-smelling, airplane-riding, summer-camping, barefooted, late-sleeping bundle of teenage angst. Good times, am I right? But [...]

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Qualifying a Business Contiunity Planning Firm


When searching for the right Business Continuity Planning (BCP) firm, there are several important factors that should be taken into consideration–not the least of which are location, experience, and support structure. It is important to know that the expectations of your organization will be met, if not exceeded, and that the firm will educate you [...]

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