Vulnerability Assessment

Meanwhile, Back At The Office


We live in a world of robocalls and spam, a digital landscape that requires an increasingly detailed view of our particulars to gain entry. At that point, organizations not unlike your own are tasked with securing that data against the endless wave of threats washing up on every shore. We have PINs and passwords, logins [...]

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Indirect Deposit


Making payroll. It’s the heartbeat of any organization. While we’d all like to work for free doing great things and moving the human ball forward, those mortgage payments and utility bills remind us with uncanny regularity just how important a paycheck can be. This is especially true for folks in the sleepy beach-bound burb of [...]

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Digital Carcinogens


As if cybercrime wasn’t cancer enough, researchers have now discovered that hackers can give you cancer. Not literally, of course, but in a manner that is certainly emotionally malignant. A proof-of-concept malware has been developed that manipulates the technologies typically used in support of CT scans, and […]

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The Fine Line Between Hats


Ever wonder how razor-thin the line might be between the good guys and the bad guys? What is it that separates the two? In order to be a good white hat, you have to think like a black hat, and vice versa. […]

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We Are Here To “Pump You UP!”


Bodybuilding is a movement that even warranted a long-running skit on SNL, with Dana Carvey and somebody else whose name is less familiar urging on the would-be fitness junkies in an accent that is not quite Austrian. It may have been an attempt to mimic the voice and […]

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The Cybersecurity Of Low Tech


Let’s say you’re an orange grower in Florida or a large dairy operation in Wisconsin. While these endeavors still depend on Mother Nature, a decidedly low-tech enterprise, the processes involved with the harvesting, marketing, and […]

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Is Cybersecurity A Game?


For years, consumer advocacy groups have been warning about the effects of video games on our culture, suggesting that the violence of the games and the depth to which the players are drawn into the imaginary scenario often makes it difficult to separate the imagined […]

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