773 million. That’s a lot. And That’s how many records were exposed in what’s being called a “monster breach” or a “breach of breaches.” The data was collected over time and displayed publicly on a cloud service and then a popular hacking forum. The details are readily available, including a recent Wired article as well as a piece in Fortune Magazine.

One of the most alarming revelations in Collection #1, the most voluminous breach ever, is that passwords were not hashed. They were presented in plain text. And the collection was never really for sale. Instead, it was presented for general use, as it no doubt will be.

Diminishing Room For Error
Your organization does great things, and you’ve got some of the best people in the business, but these are not laurels to be rested upon. Every time a member of your staff logs onto the Internet or leaves the office with their company cell phone, your operation is exposed. With the right things in place, though, you can let your staff do what your network and data allow them to do best: build your business.

Enterprise Security Management is a process ICS uses to examine all relevant aspects of your business to ensure the integrity of your systems. Your business is only as safe as its weakest link to the big bad world beyond your firewall. Collection #1 reminds us that clever hackers are hard at work around the clock to find a way into your data. Why not let ICS work around the clock to help you protect it? Call today.