Maybe you’re a golfer, or maybe you know someone who is. If so, then you know the passion that often accompanies the pastime. There’s often a payment of homage to the “golf gods” for putts made or pars saved. The gods themselves seem somewhat capricious, as witnessed by the tendency for golfers to follow birdies with somewhat higher scores on subsequent holes. There’s a name for that post-birdie mistake, just as there are names for almost every facet of the game. And the data is increasingly collected and considered important. And sometimes held for ransom.

The PGA Championship is the final major championship of the season, and according to a BBC report and GolfWeek Magazine, hackers penetrated servers belonging to the PGA of America in the weeks leading up to the tournament. While the timing was intended to foster a sense of urgency, the files in question never threatened the tournament itself, according to PGA officials. And a very calm Brooks Koepka held off a surging Tiger Woods among others to win the day.


Maybe you’re not a golfer, and the metaphor above is lost on you. Look at it this way: If hackers will go after non-essential files on a golf server, is anybody really safe? How long before they recognize the fiscal possibilities of your organization and start lobbing golf balls into your backyard. Sorry. The metaphor again.

The Gimme

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