Ever wonder how razor-thin the line might be between the good guys and the bad guys? What is it that separates the two? In order to be a good white hat, you have to think like a black hat, and vice versa. Marcus Hutchins is a case study for that sort of question. At 24, Hutchins seems to be straddling the line. Arrested in Las Vegas last year, Hutchins has since pleaded guilty to creating and selling the code called Kronos banking Trojan, a mistake he says he made prior to his career in security. Again, he’s 24. So he’s not far removed those misspent days of his youth. When he donned his white hat, Hutchins was responsible for disabling a variant of the of the WannaCry ransomware virus that wreaked havoc across the world in 2017.

Highly Functioning Schizophrenia

Happily, Marcus Hutchins found his way. Incarceration tends to facilitate that. The only remaining question surrounding the unfolding drama is who will play him in the movie. It’s inevitable. Maybe along the way we’ll get a clearer picture of the line that divides motivations—the one that most folks seem to stay on the right of—and keep more bright minds from going to the dark side.

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