In a recent television interview, FBI Director Chris Wray reflected on Russian hacking into the American power grid and other vital infrastructure. The breach occurred in early March, and Wray didn’t mince words, calling the invasion “the real deal.” First the elections and now the grid? Wait. Wasn’t America struggling with a post-cold war identity crisis as the last remaining super power? These events are like the plot threads of a science fiction novel, and the ending is fuzzy but dark. We talk a lot about organizational cyberthreats and the breaches of big corporate retailers and banks, but the thought of the grid going dark has largely been the domain of Hollywood until very recently.

The Zombies Are Coming!

As you try to get your mind around the scale and scope of the exploit that penetrates the grid, put a number to that. Numbers help simplify perspective. So let’s say, on a scale of 1 to 10, it comes in at a 9, saving 10 for absolute armageddon. For grins, let’s suppose a complete shutdown of your organization’s network and confiscation of your data is, on the same scale, a mere 2 in scope and scale. The internal math on that suggests a complete surrender of your digital assets is more likely a 10 for your business. It might not shut the country down, but it will slam your organization to a halt faster than you can say, “Hey, what happened to the lights?”

No matter the size of your operation, a breach is the real deal. But so is ICS, and we can help protect your systems and keep the math on your side. Call today.