We’ve enjoyed a good ride. The bull market has been climbing longer than any in recent history. Business has been good. You’ve grown the organization, landed some whales, and grown your staff in step with your progress. You feel every pinch, though, and you know leaner times are coming, be it a recession of sorts, an economic downturn, or another global financial conflagration. You’ve built a good team, and you want to keep the band together, harmonizing, as your greatest hits continue.

Among the greatest risks you face, though, is lurking at the door today. It was there yesterday, and will be there tomorrow. It’s a threat in an up or down economy, and chances are pretty good that your staffing levels don’t correlate to that threat. When things are growing, we tend to add team members who can fuel the momentum. We also tend to play defense most fervently when faced with a real threat. It’s facing you.

ICS has also built a good team. We’ve grown in concert with our success, and we’ve kept a finger on the pulse of the cybersecurity industry for a lot of years now. Even before it was sexy. Talented minds are hard to find, especially in a market that suggests that the shortage will hit 3.5 million by 2021. But we’re always looking, both for the talent and the right clients who need them.

So if you’re looking for talented cybersecurity professionals, or you’re one of those rare talents looking for new challenges, call ICS today and start a conversation that will keep the good times rolling.