The International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP) is partnering with the U.S Chamber of Commerce to bring you Innova-Con 2019. 

On Jan 29-30, 2019, over 300 professionals from industry, government and academia will converge at the U.S Chamber building in Washington DC to experience innovation in action – and learn from a panel of experts how to drive, measure and manage innovation in their organizations. The IAOIP – the world’s largest certifying body of innovation professionals – has been selected to help create the new global Innovation Management standards, ISO 50500, which will have a far-reaching and beneficial impact on governments and businesses world-wide.

Thomas Brazil, Chief Digital Officer at Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS), Inc. will be a featured innovation speaker at the conference. His presentation is entitled “Managing Innovation for the DoD: Building the Right Innovation Portfolio.”  Asked about his presentation, Mr. Brazil stated, “Many CIOs and Digital Transformation Leaders are under pressure to either ramp-up or expand their innovation efforts to ensure they can keep their organizations abreast of the pace of change. The problem for many leaders is that without an innovation system, successful innovation outcomes tend to be sporadic and episodic. However, our experience has shown that innovation outcomes for us and our clients can be continuously successful through the use of an agile innovation system designed to align strategic objectives with innovation intent. Whether we innovate for ourselves or on behalf of or in concert with our clients, the process is the same. We designed our system around IAOIP Innovation Management best practices and we now provide an ‘Agile Innovation Management as a Service’ offering to kick-start implementation for organizations that want to follow the same track.”

This year’s Innova-Con conference was designed by Langdon Morris, world-renowned innovation thought-leader and author, features 5 tracks over 2 days:

  • ISO 50500 Global Innovation Management Standards
  • Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Technology
  • Globalizing Innovation
  • Innovation in Government and Defense
  • Blockchain

Conference details can be found here.

As ICS’s CDO, Tom is responsible for understanding the disruptive, fast-paced evolutions occurring in the era of digital business and helping our clients achieve their Digital Transformation and Innovation objectives. Tom is an IAOIP-certified Manager of Innovation that is on-track to become the IAOIP’s first Certified Chief Innovation Officer (CCIO).   Find out more about Tom, Innovation, and ICS at