Net Neutrality has been a big topic of late, and that is unlikely to change in the near term. There are probably good arguments on all sides of the debate, but no matter where your opinion shakes out on the spectrum, your business is likely to be affected in some way. At the core of the issue is the ability of service providers to prioritize the distribution of content to their customers, favoring those content providers who are willing to pay the most to play the fastest. At the risk of describing an unleveled playing field, it is hard to imagine how this works in favor of anyone but the ISPs.

Hacking The Flow

More and more, our commercial interests depend on the Old Interwebs. We collaborate, market, and sell through the ether, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Without picking on the opponents of net neutrality specifically, let’s imagine scenarios where outside interests can impede or propel your data to target audiences in accordance with a revenue model. Toll roads are a good example, in theory, but they are used to fund and maintain roads. The Internet doesn’t really need a funding mechanism. In many ways, compared to a neutral Internet, the new model seems to allow folks to game the system, to hack the flow to favor one over others.

The Urology of Cybersecurity

ICS can help if your flow is restricted, except where that restriction is sanctioned by the FCC, of course. We’ll get that strong and steady data stream back up and running, so your message, products, and services are propelled into the ether without impediment. Call today (especially if service has been interrupted for more than four hours.)