Raise your hand if you made it through that book in college? Yeah, right. I bet you finished Ulysses as well, though Joyce is not your favorite. You’re not alone. At any rate, Tolstoy’s masterpiece recounts a time when armies were huge and civilized Russian society was intrinsically connected to the wars they fought. The same was true in America through the second war to end all wars, probably, when the greatest generation did what they do.

Today it seems quite a bit different. On one side of the equation, we seem to fight wars these days with a dozen special forces troops and a couple of helicopters. On the other hand, we seem to be almost constantly at war, and the larger American society seems farther removed than ever from the loss and sacrifice of war.

The Quiet War

As we grapple with all of this, there persists a quiet war, an emerging front that all but subsumes conventional warfare. And it knows no geographical boundaries and variable national connection. Cyberwar runs round the clock, as do our growing forces tasked with defending us where we are often most vulnerable.

ICS works with defense and support contractors who are daily engaged in this vital mission, but we should all increase our awareness and vigilance. We can assess your organization’s vulnerability, and we can bring fresh eyes and perspective to your efforts to defend your network and data.

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