Bodybuilding is a movement that even warranted a long-running skit on SNL, with Dana Carvey and somebody else whose name is less familiar urging on the would-be fitness junkies in an accent that is not quite Austrian. It may have been an attempt to mimic the voice and enthusiasm of a younger Arnold Schwarzenegger, who reached early fame and fortune through bodybuilding and later fame through state government and side families. His movie career, somewhere in the middle, was littered with roles that cast his strength against the forces of evil. Turns out, only recently, evil struck back.

As reported in Security Week,, a very popular site among fitness enthusiasts, was breached, and the damage remains untold. The hack occurred back in February, and forensic analysis is underway. Thus far experts have traced the breach to a phishing email from July of 2018.

We’ll Be Baaack

Arnold had a famous line when he was pulled away but knew that Sarah Connor remained in danger. It typically didn’t bode well for the bad guys. Like the quickening baseline of an imminent shark attack, when folks begin to realize they’re gonna need a bigger boat.

ICS has the strength to tackle your cybersecurity issues, both known and unknown, and we’ve got a big boat full fo talented people to fend off the sharks that menace the beach where your staff builds the sand castles that dreams are made of.

Call ICS today, and we promise not to mix any more metaphors.