There must have been a time when buggy whip makers simply couldn’t keep pace with the demand, a time when lines would form in wait for corner pay phones, when you could mail in an order from the Sears catalog and expect delivery within six weeks. Yes, the golden age of commerce, indeed, but we’re on to the digital age now, where buggies drive themselves, phones have exponentially more computing power than early NASA rockets, and same day delivery is an option, though not from Sears. How can we possibly keep up with this pace of development?

Apparently we’re not, at least in the world of cybersecurity talent. Recent Burning Glass Technologies research finds that the labor market in cybersecurity has grown by 94% in the last six years, outpacing growth in the larger IT sector by almost three times. At the same time, though, the gap between opportunities and the talent needed to fill them has only widened. The question remains the quandary.

Introducing Supply To Demand

ICS offers a variety of staff augmentation options that enable your organization to benefit from fresh perspective without incurring the legacy costs often associated with human resources. The result is greater nimbility and responsiveness to threats, current and future. But cost savings are not the only benefits of outsourcing. Even greater is the surgical strike of a specialist who knows, sees, and acts from cyber experience across industries, backed by a team working on your behalf, if not specifically on your account. Because cybersecurity is what we do.