So you say you’re not a Yahoo user, that the news of their latest breach is no concern of yours. That sound about right? Well, you may be right, but consider also that the exploit used in the latest breach (early February) has far-reaching implications for anyone who takes even the first step onto the Internet.

Remember the last time you logged into a password-protected website? It gave you the option to “keep me logged in” or “remember me.” And you may have taken them up on it, since that option offers a convenient way to save a few keystrokes. The secret is, of course, a cookie. The breach, according to a recent report by The Hacker News, involved the use of forged cookies.

Who’s Eating Your Cookies?

Like the plate of Tollhouse wonders on the break room table around the holidays, your employees are bringing cookies to work every day, both on personal devices and company equipment. There’s no getting around cookies, perhaps, but keeping the bad guys from sneaking into your break room (and elsewhere) by way of your network is just the right diet for today’s environment.

Confidence Is Baked Right In

We’re not trying to get all up in your kitchen, but ICS knows a thing or two about cookies and cybersecurity. In fact, you can’t spell either without us. And when you consider the financial impact the breaches are having on Yahoo’s sale to Verizon, the time is now to mix the right ingredients into your IT practices, before your organization succumbs to a sugar-induced coma.