Checker’s and Rally’s were hacked, and not in a way that would keep the chili dogs from barking. That’s right, the country’s largest drive-thru chain reported recently that malware was discovered in about 15% of their restaurants, typically in the POS equipment in the customer interface and not in the trays and roller skates that often characterize the meal delivery. Seriously, though, the malware was designed to collect data from the metal strips of credit cards inserted into the menu boards, and apparently it worked. More details are available here.

Even a delicious milkshake can’t disguise the bitter taste of a breach, and customers will now look twice at the menu board before inserting their credit card. The loss of trust is the biggest potential threat to a business and the long-term health of a brand. Are you taking the necessary steps to assure your customers and stakeholders that you value the safety of their data?

The Head Chef Of Cybersecurity

Cyberthreats are so pervasive these days that a breach is almost a foregone conclusion, but it doesn’t have to be that way for your organization. ICS offers an expansive menu of services that protect your business. Everything from risk assessment and vulnerability testing to response planning that will ensure your staff and network are up and running quickly after an incident.

Call ICS today, before some bad actor gets all up in your kitchen and starts cooking up something that you don’t want to eat.