A Coppertone Moment

It’s the official beginning of summer, and hundreds of thousands of tourists from the far reaches of North America are making their way across the USA in a Chevrolet, migrating to the seasonal climes and exotic beverage offerings of coastal communities across the Southeast. Escaping the more — perhaps presumably — mundane and pedestrian challenges of their normal lives, many tourists engage in atypical behavior, casting inhibitions to the wind and embracing the larger world in various stages of sobriety and dress. It’s all umbrella drinks and beach reads, kids running amok and minivans loaded with folding chairs and inflatables. Now imagine your data sitting next to that family in Denny’s. You know the one.


Cocktails and Sunscreen

Your data is your data. You protect it when you can and hope your staff makes good decisions when they take it out into the world, because you know that lurking in the shadows are bad people with even worse intentions. They wait at the bar to offer high-tech cocktails, ones that your data won’t even know it drank. They use proven social engineering techniques to gather information and gain entry, tossing out lines line “Didn’t we meet at the Kiwanis Convention? Kansas City, 2007?” Next thing you know, your data is reminiscing on the beach with no sunscreen. Feel the burn.


Happy Hour

ICS is the Lifeguard for your data, the designated driver and trusted friend that keeps your data on vacation but out of harm’s way. And with ICS you always get two for the price of one, both industry-leading expertise and peace of mind.


Call ICS today before you get that queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach, like you ate too much fried seafood or drank, maybe, three too many margaritas.

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