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Remember Windows 95?


Let’s go back to the day when IT professionals wore wire-rimmed glasses and pocket protectors. They didn’t want to stain the pockets of their white short-sleeved shirts or black ties. In fact, let’s replay the entire […]

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The Art Of Collection


773 million. That’s a lot. And That’s how many records were exposed in what’s being called a “monster breach” or a “breach of breaches.” The data was collected over time and displayed publicly on a cloud service and then a popular hacking forum. […]

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Freelance Into The Future?


There is post-war, post-modern, post-industrialist, and even the post-post rush of social media. (How many likes did I get? Am I valued in the world?) To advance into the world we’re creating, we often seem to be stumbling backwards. […]

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Life At The Edge Of Acronym


If you live and work in the IT world long enough, you begin to speak in a strange vernacular, a language specific to the task of dispensing information efficiently to others who also know the language. IT, for example, is more efficient than information technology. […]

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Setting Suns and Setting Goals


As the sun sets on 2018, don’t let the lyrics of “Auld Lang Syne” and the prospect of bowl game parties occupy the depth and breadth of your personal hard drive and career objectives. There is, after all, a new year on the horizon, […]

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Nerds In A Bubble


Ever heard of the term “Think Tank?” No doubt you have, and most of them are centered around policy development and political lobbying in our state and national capitols. Some gravitate to specific areas of interest, like oil and gas, foreign relations, or […]

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Captain Of The Enterprise


Remember when the Enterprise would hurtle through time and space under the calm direction of Jim and Spock and Dr. Whatshisname? Those were the days, right? Threats were seen in advance, galaxies away, and even shown on the big screen before actual engagement was necessary. […]

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We Are the Shhh of IT


At ICS, we don’t compromise when it comes to delivering more than our customers expect. We’re so focused on that mission that it seems the only thing we fail to do with equal fervor is tell our own story or toot our own horn. Despite the relative silence, our business has grown in parallel with [...]

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The Luddite Next Door


Can you imagine developing a product these days through a process that never once considers the Internet? Utility, distribution, sales, marketing, back-end, and customer support are some of the constituent parts of your new product’s development that will never even brush up against the Internet. Tough to fathom such a circumstance in today’s environment. Even [...]

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Thomas Brazil, Chief Digital Officer at Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS), Inc., will be presenting at Innovacon 2019.


    The International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP) is partnering with the U.S Chamber of Commerce to bring you Innova-Con 2019.  […]

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