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Fred Flinstone, Marketing Genius


Seems almost nostalgic these days, but remember the postcards you filled out when you bought a new stereo or vacuum cleaner? Very often they were used to register your product’s warranty, but the real purpose was to gather data, to mine the purchase for ways to sell you more home appliances or blenders or any [...]

Fred Flinstone, Marketing Genius2019-07-03T16:48:19+00:00

War And Peace


Raise your hand if you made it through that book in college? Yeah, right. I bet you finished Ulysses as well, though Joyce is not your favorite. You’re not alone. […]

War And Peace2019-06-04T21:50:40+00:00

Looking For Someone New?


If you think this post is just about dating apps, keep reading anyway. It may surprise you. To begin, though, it is about dating sites, specifically those hacked by Chinese operatives. They gathered the data of users into […]

Looking For Someone New?2019-06-04T21:45:48+00:00

You Want Fries With That?


Checker’s and Rally’s were hacked, and not in a way that would keep the chili dogs from barking. That’s right, the country’s largest drive-thru chain reported recently that malware was discovered in about 15% […]

You Want Fries With That?2019-06-04T21:17:25+00:00

Meanwhile, Back At The Office


We live in a world of robocalls and spam, a digital landscape that requires an increasingly detailed view of our particulars to gain entry. At that point, organizations not unlike your own are tasked with securing that data against the endless wave of threats washing up on every shore. We have PINs and passwords, logins [...]

Meanwhile, Back At The Office2019-05-02T13:04:30+00:00

Indirect Deposit


Making payroll. It’s the heartbeat of any organization. While we’d all like to work for free doing great things and moving the human ball forward, those mortgage payments and utility bills remind us with uncanny regularity just how important a paycheck can be. This is especially true for folks in the sleepy beach-bound burb of [...]

Indirect Deposit2019-05-29T15:02:26+00:00

Digital Carcinogens


As if cybercrime wasn’t cancer enough, researchers have now discovered that hackers can give you cancer. Not literally, of course, but in a manner that is certainly emotionally malignant. A proof-of-concept malware has been developed that manipulates the technologies typically used in support of CT scans, and […]

Digital Carcinogens2019-05-01T21:48:17+00:00

The Fine Line Between Hats


Ever wonder how razor-thin the line might be between the good guys and the bad guys? What is it that separates the two? In order to be a good white hat, you have to think like a black hat, and vice versa. […]

The Fine Line Between Hats2019-05-01T21:44:54+00:00


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