Executive Orders

great sealLots of talk about Executive Orders these days. They’ve been issued in such a flurry that it can be difficult to keep track of what’s being ordered and who’s being affected. On the drafting table, according to CyberScoop, is an EO that initiates President Trump’s efforts on cybersecurity. It doesn’t seem to have the aggressive edge that the others have had, if protests are to be used as a gauge. Nobody seems to be protesting the cybersecurity orders so far, and even former Obama administration officials have indicated that they agree with the order. Still, what does all this mean to folks in the trenches?


At the heart of the EO is an SNRA. At the risk of flooding you with acronyms, an SNRA is a Strategic National Risk Assessment, and the Obama administration requested the same analysis over two years ago. With apparent Russian involvement in our elections and the Trump administrations call for increased cyberwarfare options to potentially deal with the Islamic State (ISIS), we have to remember the age-old adage in the relatively young world of cybersecurity: whatever we do to them, they can likely do to us.


Order Your Strategic Risk Assessment

Peaceful transitions of power, a hallmark of our democracy, have historically offered our enemies a window into the soul of our new government, a period to test the resolve of the newly elected. So the road from here is likely to get bumpy before it gets paved.


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