Get Your Head in the Game

helmetRemember the old days, when military pilots wore wool-lined leather helmets and big, clunky headsets? Probably not, since those practices tapered off after World War Two. By the time fighter pilots came into your field of vision, it was probably Tom Cruise singing “You’ve lost that loving feeling” while Goose couldn’t eject from the backseat. It didn’t end well for Goose, but you have to remember ICEMAN and MAVERICK in bold print on the helmets as the frosty colleagues pulled together to fight off the Russians and save the day. In addition to the monogram, the helmets had been upgraded to include oxygen masks and room for the really cool aviator sunglasses. Negative, Ghost Rider, the pattern is full.


More recently, Wired reported on a helmet that costs $400,000 and comes in dark green. Only dark green. And it’s an accessory for a new fighter jet that comes in at around $100 million. It, too, comes in one color, but it does amazing things that apparently move the air defense ball forward and helps us eliminate others who’ve lost that loving feeling.


Dogfights to Dark Web

If a passenger on a commercial airliner can hack into the cockpit through the seatback infotainment hub, does it make sense to keep adding technology to the cockpit? What if the IoT has a dark cousin, the Internet of Planes?


In an IT world where we should find very few surprises any more, take the precautions necessary to keep others from flying your plane. ICS is not a $400,000 helmet, but we can help protect the network and data you use in battle every day. And we have industry-standard tools that help you see the full picture from your office cockpit.


Call ICS today, and find that loving feeling all over again.

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