Life in the Fast Lane

When crossing the streets of Great Britain, it’s hard not to notice the strong encouragement painted on the curb at your feet to “Look Right,” or “Look Left,” depending on the flow of traffic. These directions have an explicit purpose. It’s amazing how many people, especially tourists, are struck by passing cars because they didn’t look in the correct direction. Remember, Britons drive on what Americans consider the “wrong” side of the road, and we are conditioned to look left initially when crossing the street. Fatal mistake for many.

Pavlov’s People

Humans are creatures of habit. Change is tough. Unless something breaks, we tend to leave it alone, instead of trying to fix it or even improve it, even though we’ll wait in line for the next iPhone or the Black Friday sales. We respond to the bell of gratification. We like the heated seats and the cupholders and worry less about what’s under the hood. We take for granted that the engine will keep running. Until it doesn’t.

Cyber security is decidedly under the hood, but it’s the electronic ignition that makes the Porsche that is your organization purr like a kitten. A really powerful kitten that others would like to steal right out of your driveway. And if you’re looking the wrong way, you’re likely to get run over by your own business.


Risky Business

ICS is the master mechanic that tunes your cybersecurity engine, but we’re also the crossing guard that delivers your data safely across the golden streets of commerce. We use risk assessment strategies to pinpoint your network’s vulnerabilities, and that helps you mitigate the risk. Might even make you dance across the floor in your socks and shirtsleeves. That happened once.


ICS: There is no substitute.

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