Resolve On New Year’s Eve

If you could ring in the new year with cyber certainty, would you do it? Yeah, we would too, but the only degree of certainty that seems to creep into the cyber conversation is the certainty that everyone is vulnerable. And the number and cost of threats seems to often outpace the good guys. We still see the glass as half-full, though, and if you’re reading this, you probably do as well. As you cultivate resolutions for 2018, what can you do to improve your odds?


Avoid The Punch Bowl: All too many cybersecurity firms offer quick fixes. Those can be intoxicating, but the hangover will not be worth it.

Dance With The One That Brought You: Trust your staff to make solid decisions, and to know when they need additional resources and outside expertise.

Join The Conversation: Even Gary in sales and Madge in accounting should be conversant in cyber. No part of your organization remains untouched by networks and data. Ask the right questions, early and often.

Dance To The Music: To paraphrase Sly and the Family Stone, there is a rhythm to this, an ebb and flow of threat and thwart that seems almost like a dance. Dance to the music but don’t be lulled to complacency. That’s when the music will stop and you’ll wake up to find all the chairs are taken.

Choose The Right Partner: At ICS, we’ve been dancing to this music for many years, and we know how to lead. Let’s start a conversation today and set some resolutions for tomorrow.

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