hurricaneColumbia, SC is a sleepy little town by most accounts, except when the Gamecocks win at home. The state capitol of South Carolina, Columbia has a vibrant business community and service-sector economy. Until about a week ago, it’s distance from the ocean insulated it from the seasonal hurricane fray. But that was last week.

This week, the combination of Hurricane Joaquin and lingering rainstorms across the southeast dumped about a third of Columbia’s annual rainfall — around two feet of rain —  over a single weekend. Creeks rose, rivers swelled, dams were breached, and homes and businesses located well out of the flood plain became waterfront property, if only temporarily. Bet they never saw that coming.


Loading Noah’s Data, Two By Two

You are an IT professional. You can read and diagnose a network with both hands wrapped in Cat 6 behind you back. But you can’t predict the future, especially the weather. Protecting your data and systems infrastructure from the increasingly unpredictable wrath of the elements requires more than 72 hours notice and plywood screwed to the windows.

ICS utilizes time-tested methods based on the standards established by the Disaster Recovery Institute International. To these industry standard best practices, we add our own processes to customize a plan that includes backup and recovery, alternate facilities, vendor alignment, knowledge transfer, staff training, and recovery plan testing.

Your disaster recovery becomes organized simplicity in the face of utter chaos. ICS will help you plan for resuming operations quickly at targeted levels of service. And if you already have a plan in place, ICS will test it and tweak it so that you can trust it. And that beats a last-minute scramble for high ground any day of the week.