According to a recent Positive Technologies Report, cyberattacks increased 32% year over year from Q1 2017 to Q1 2018. Numbers like that suggest the likelihood of an attack on your organization falls somewhere between inevitable and “hold my beer and watch this.” Staring that kind of exposure in the face can be daunting, and is daunting for everyone with even the toe of a digital footprint. Even if you’ve got an IT staff, a regiment of geeks, and a resident nerd savant who “sees” into your network with a charming yet off-putting clarity, the ability to see both the threats and your proprietary network can be limited from the inside. Meanwhile, the threat grows in a manner unmatched by most organizational revenues and budgets.

Get A Set

Maybe you don’t need fewer IT folks. A recent Forbes article suggests you just might need a fresh set of eyes, a fresh perspective, an objective look from outside of your organization that affirms or reforms your cybersecurity efforts without busting your budget.

ICS offers a variety of staff augmentation options that enable your organization to benefit from fresh perspective without incurring the legacy costs often associated with human resources. The result is greater nimbility and responsiveness to threats, current, and future. But cost savings are not the only benefits of outsourcing. Even greater is the surgical strike of a specialist who knows, sees, and acts from cyber experience across industries, backed by a team working on your behalf, if not specifically on your account. Cyber Security is what we do.  ICS can provide you credentialed, experienced, professionals today to improve your organization tomorrow.