Ever wonder how Simon might respond to a display of raw, unexpected cyber genius? Of course not. Why would you? IT is the realm of the quiet giants, the patient panoply of pocket protectors and hipster beards that saves the world each and every day, but it probably wouldn’t make good television. This is primarily because most of the world has no idea what you do, no comprehension of the languages you speak, and very little grasp of the threats they face across all of their platforms, at work and play. So a demonstrated ability to save them from themselves wouldn’t sell much product, attract many eyeballs, or reach much of an audience. But that talent does not go unappreciated.

ICS, an industry leader, would love to watch that sort of talent show. In fact, we are always looking for the gifted and talented who may be ready for the next step, the next challenge, or even a simple change of scenery. We also make every effort to track the trends in the industry, and diversity ranks prominently among the challenges we face. For more, take a look at this perspective offered by TechCrunch.

Simon Says

As you weigh the options along a career path with almost endless possibility, don’t forget to step away every now and then to recenter yourself, to recalibrate industry demands with your own goals and objectives. And if you think you might profit from a conversation with a proven guide in the industry, give ICS a call. We’ll walk the path with you.