A couple of months ago, a USAF truck traveling between missile silos in Wyoming dropped a box of explosives along the way. Not sure those were ever recovered. That’s an analog security risk, among other things.

The digital version, as reported by Fox News and others, is when a hacker stumbles onto documents detailing the weaknesses of a significant military asset and then attempts to sell those for — stick your pinky to the corner of your lips as you say it — $150 dollars. Seems like a bargain price for such sensitive information, but there’s no telling. Reporting suggests that the documents, recovered from a USAF staff laptop, might not have been the primary target.

Go Forth And Multiply

Take a quick inventory of the number of folks you have in your organization. Now multiply that number by two or three, depending on how tech savvy you think your staff might be. Beyond the laptops and the smartphones, there might be a tablet or two, all of which may, at any point in time, house sensitive material that relates to your organization. Like the poor captain whose laptop surrendered drone details to an accidental hacker, your staff could be leaking like a sieve and you don’t even know it.

Truth is, you might not ever know it, but if you’d like to know, we can help. We can assess vulnerabilities, conduct pen testing, and even scour a million lines of code across your apps, looking for a chink in your armor. Or you can wait for the box of explosives to fall off the tailgate. The odds are better if you call ICS today.