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Exposure Of Digital DNA

The latest revelation about consumer-level DNA mapping — the kind advertised on television that track your origin back to exotic and unexpected continents — is the evolution of a database that exposes both the unsuspecting and the suspicious. Adopted children are reacquainted with birth parents seven decades removed and introduced to sisters that look just like them. Rapists who have eluded Golden State police for 40 years are brought to justice. And all of this happens with even greater precision as more consumers spit in the vial and send off for their results. Very exciting, indeed.

And then there’s the breach of one of the primary providers of this latest wave of global connectivity, a breach that thankfully resulted in the release of only the email addresses and hashed passwords of account holders. More information on the breach can be found in this Ars Technica report, but the irony cannot be overstated. To this point we considered the greatest exposure was our network and data, but now we find our most intimate and proprietary data is also vulnerable.

The Analog And The Digital Collide

That which makes us uniquely and individually human is stumbling headlong into the public domain, and yet our digital footprints dare not step back from the edge of the abyss. So what’s an organization to do? Your data is your DNA, the lifeblood of all that sets you apart from the crowd.

Hunker down and call ICS. We’ll help protect your most valuable assets against all threats. It’s what we do and, more importantly, it’s in our DNA.

ICS’s Successful Food Drive!

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