It’s a new year, and the time is right for thinking about how you might do things differently as your organization rides the tides and the stormy seas of commerce that lay ahead. This maritime metaphor is intentional and informative, so let’s see where it goes. To “strengthen the cybersecurity of federal networks and critical infrastructure,” the Trump Administration issued Executive Order 13800. On the same day, as outlined in a recent Maritime Executive piece, critical infrastructure around the globe was hit by the WannaCry ransomware attack. This included an attack on Maersk, probably the largest container ship company in the world. Maritime infrastructure is just a part of our vulnerability, but it provides an interesting picture.

Pirates Of DesMoines

Your organization is a ship on the high seas. Just as we are experimenting with autonomous ships, there are parts of your operation that are increasingly automated, from voicemail to vacation email responses and hundreds of industry-specific applications. But you’ve still got your hand on the wheel, ever vigilant and increasingly concerned about cyberthreats. The pirates are out there, and while they don’t all have Johnny Depp’s dashing good looks and dry sense of humor, they want your data.

Making Maritime Metaphors Message Malleable

Cybersecurity is rising to the top of organizational priority lists, and rightfully so. Imagine if vital infrastructure were compromised, like power or transportation. Your vast organization would come to a screeching halt. The same is true for your network, only you have more control over that. Especially with the help of ICS.

Call ICS today and let us help pilot your data container ship prosperously through the shipping lanes of modern commerce. And just try to find a maritime metaphor more masterfully melded to a message, my friends.