Making payroll. It’s the heartbeat of any organization. While we’d all like to work for free doing great things and moving the human ball forward, those mortgage payments and utility bills remind us with uncanny regularity just how important a paycheck can be. This is especially true for folks in the sleepy beach-bound burb of Tallahassee, Florida, where earlier this month hackers diverted the direct deposit payments of city employees to the tune of nearly half a million clams. Read more about this in USA Today here.

One might recall way back in 2017, as reported in the article, when Leon County’s homepage was hacked and rendered with North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un’s face and the audio from a 1964 Reagan speech. Leon County is home to Tallahassee, so they seem to be a steady target. That’s the thing about cybercrime: everybody’s a target. Even Target, but that’s another story.
Playing the Lottery
Not the official lottery, of course, but the ever-increasing reality that a digital presence is a big game of chance, but there’s no winning side, only a losing side. It’s like going to the casino and handing your wallet to the first drunk you see. It doesn’t end well, unless you’re the drunk.
Why roll the dice with the fruit of your efforts? Why not hire the best, expect the most, and never settle for less? ICS delivers more than expected, continuously and predictably. It’s like pulling the one-arm bandit and ringing the bell every time.
Don’t gamble with your future. Call ICS and let’s put all the cards on the table.