Chicks Dig the Front Man

Your sales team has sold the project, and it’s a big one. Kudos to the people people, the extroverts with the skill to reel in the whales as the technical terms from the carefully wrought spec sheet fall trippingly off their tongues. Somewhere somebody’s writing a beer commercial about their sales prowess, but for now you’ve got to get the band back together because you’ve got a show to do. And the lull between projects hasn’t been kind.

Painting the Partridge Family Bus

Your bass player took a job and equity stake with a start-up. He’ll be back. Your drummer, always a free spirit, is now writing code for social entrepreneurs, casting a new and brighter world in ones and zeros. And, as expected, your lead guitarist has set out on a solo career, freelancing web design and content creation that more closely aligns with his inner Prometheus. You’ve got a looming deadline and a real need for key personnel to get on board and sing in harmony right away. ICS can help. Like Reuben Kincaid, only better.

ICS Gathers No Moss

ICS can help with staff augmentation for shorter-term projects and recruiting for your longer-term staffing needs. We recruit and train talented people to build the staff you need to meet and exceed the expectations your client negotiated with your sales team. We understand that your song is different, your sound uniquely your own, and we bring new ideas to build and preserve that.

Because, in the end, your cybersecurity is music to our ears. Like Mick Jagger singing “Hey, You, Get Off of My Cloud.” And he means it. The man’s a genius.