Ever experience one of those moments when your heart races? Maybe it was your first kiss or the first time you saw a Porsche 911. Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint the exact reason your heart is racing. But sometimes it’s not, and that alone should make your heart race. Especially when a hacker has his foot on the gas.

According to a recent Wired post, hackers are now able to put malware directly on pacemakers that allows them to control your beating heart. I hear what you’re saying. You don’t have a pacemaker, so the problem isn’t really relevant. I beg to differ. This vulnerability goes to the heart of your organization’s security, and not because Floyd, the security guard out front, could stand to lose a few.

Every Breath You Take

Funny thing about a pacemaker: it’s not personal. It’s a machine executing a task for which it was designed and deployed. The same is true for malware. Rarely is it personal. Pacemakers and malware try to control the heartbeat of your organization from the inside, without detection, proving that even the smallest and least perceptible components in your organization’s machine can bring you down.

Digital Surgeons

ICS can examine your organizational infrastructure and remove threats precisely and professionally, leaving the heart of your network and data beating like the drum you built it to be. Call and let’s talk about a complete physical today before the bad guys take control of your data and run your business at their pace.