At what point in a boat ride does incoming water equate into cause for concern? Is it when your toes get wet? Your shoes? Ankles? Knees? Shoulders? Now imagine cyberthreats are the water, and your boat is sailing along smoothly, though you are increasingly aware of changes in the water that draw your attention. That’s hard enough if you run a small organization. Now imagine you are the U.S. Government and the Department of Homeland Security. You have a lot on your plate.

Voices who should know are now calling for a national agency dedicated to cybersecurity, according to a recent Politico article penned, in part, by General David Petraeus. The central argument, it seems, is that DHS has limited resources, and only a part of those resources can be dedicated to the growing cybersecurity threat. He suggests that a cabinet-level agency focused on cybersecurity issues might be better equipped to handle the rapidly changing threat landscape. Given the flourishing number of cyberattacks in recent years, it seems appropriately responsive to step up our national game.

We’re Here To Help

The government is not always as responsive as it could or should be, admittedly, but there are circumstances where the government is uniquely positioned to help. And the article suggests that the new agency is simply a more efficient and effective way to achieve the established goals of the DHS.

Your organization might also benefit from a more efficient and effective pursuit of your cybersecurity goals. You might be sailing along smoothly with dry toes, but this might be the perfect time to check the seaworthiness of your network.

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