Remember the presidential election of 2016? With new books out and some cable talk shows unable to let it go, chances are pretty good you do. And you probably remember the little hack at the heart of much of the controversy, so let’s focus on that, without placing blame or extrapolating any political fodder in the process. Just the facts and what they mean for your cybersecurity posture.

The simple fact, according to a recent AP News report, is that the Russians were able to hack into the Clinton Campaign database because of one staffer. The database Clinton used was a holdover from her 2008 campaign, and one staffer crossed over from the old to the new and still used the old email address associated with the 2008 campaign. And apparently that staffer clicked on a phishing email sent by the Russians. What followed was a happy dance by Guccifer 2.0 and Fancy Bear, as a cache of emails and contact information flowed to WikiLeaks, compromising our election process in unexpected ways.

What Does This Mean For Me?

What happened before will undoubtedly happen again. The Clinton Campaign was aggressive in the computer and technology security, paying attention at every step of the way. Still, the tipping point was one staffer’s click on a phishing email disguised as a Gmail security alert. The question is, are you being aggressive enough about your organization’s cybersecurity effort.

Cybercrime is knocking on the door. Let ICS post a guard at every door and window, before the bad guys pick the lock and help themselves to your data. Call today.