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Who’s Zooming Who?

It is unlikely that the following words will elicit the same response that Aretha Franklin did when she made the title above famous. That being said, the notion of “zooming” has grown so popular through this virus pandemic that the verb form has entered our mainstream vernacular. Aretha would be proud, but we should all be worried, especially since the popular software apparently has more holes than a screen door. We conduct classes, meetings, reunions, and even cocktail parties through the Zoom app, most of which are recorded, some of which are sensitive, and all of which are probably accessible to outside parties. So who’s zooming who? At least the vulnerability is present.

Lose Your Keys?

The issues with Zoom don’t stop with vulnerability, though. A recent Security Week report suggested that keys used to encrypt Zoom meetings were actually being sent to China, though it may be simply a difference in the way China operationalized “end-to-end encryption.” Before the geopolitical conspiracy theories crank up the monkeys in your head, it is worth noting that Zoom is based in the U.S., though it owns companies in China that are responsible for developing software for the app.

Zoom Ahead?

Is it safe to use Zoom? Like everything else, if you proceed with caution and common sense you can mitigate the risks. It is always the human element that forms the weak link in any security plan, though, so don’t mistake the popularity of the app for security. And call ICS if you have any questions or concerns. Or Zoom us. You decide.