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The Snarky Fitband


There have been reports of IoT-connected thermostats offering judgmental comments to their owners returning home to the nest a little later than usual. “Home kinda late, don’t you think,” one display read, and “Where do you think you’ve been,” read another. AI should improve the syntax over time, but the comments struck a chord nonetheless. [...]

The Snarky Fitband2018-07-25T13:26:27+00:00

Hey Alexa, How Do You Spell Sabotage?


Ever have one of those mind-melding journeys through time and space when it feels like someone is reading your mind, where your every thought manifests itself in unpredictable ways? You have if you use a smartphone, and especially if you engage social media on that smartphone. And it’s not really unpredictable. It’s commercial. […]

Hey Alexa, How Do You Spell Sabotage?2018-07-18T10:23:22+00:00

Exposure Of Digital DNA


The latest revelation about consumer-level DNA mapping — the kind advertised on television that track your origin back to exotic and unexpected continents — is the evolution of a database that exposes both the unsuspecting and the suspicious. Adopted children are reacquainted with birth parents seven decades removed and introduced to sisters that look just [...]

Exposure Of Digital DNA2018-07-12T10:35:16+00:00

Light The Candles Of Cybersecurity


As we approach our national birthday, now 242 years in the making, let’s look at the trends and expectations settling out there on the horizon. Threats are up, breaches are increasing in size and scope, ransomware is hitting public and private organizations, and researchers struggle to keep pace with the clever people with bad intentions. [...]

Light The Candles Of Cybersecurity2018-07-04T18:16:47+00:00

All That Glitters Is Not Gold Lowell


The City of Atlanta was recently the victim of a ransomware attack. As reported by Wired and others, Atlanta paid over $2.7 million dollars in consulting and legal fees to settle a $52,000 ransom. The malware used was of the SamSam strain, and experts at SecureWorks, the response firm working with the City, […]

All That Glitters Is Not Gold Lowell2018-07-03T10:10:55+00:00

A Bite Of The Apple


One of Apple’s many selling points, beyond the cool factor and lifestyle connectivity, is the relative security of Apple products, partly because of architecture and partly because their market share of end users remains relatively low. More people, it seems, prefer other hardware and operating systems. The only outlier may be the iPhone, so let’s [...]

A Bite Of The Apple2018-06-27T10:54:07+00:00

Do You Have Gas?


Let’s be honest. There are worse predicaments than having gas. One of them, perhaps, is not having gas. Another is surrendering to some bad actor the capacity to determine whether or not you have gas. The boys at the fourth grade lunch table would snicker and call it strategic flatulence, but we’re not in the [...]

Do You Have Gas?2018-06-20T10:26:22+00:00

The Subtle Irony Of Cybersecurity


You are the master of the manor, the king of the castle, and you will deploy the greatest weapons in your vast arsenal to protect your business, your people, and your customers. Back in the day, your would wrap your soldiers in chain mail and the heaviest of protective layers, and you would call it [...]

The Subtle Irony Of Cybersecurity2018-06-13T10:11:33+00:00

Is It That Time Again Already?


Graduations, weddings, and beach trips. These mark the transition from spring to summer. And, if you live along the Gulf Coast, hurricanes. Before the June page is even visible on our calendars, meteorological disturbances lurk in the increasingly warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. […]

Is It That Time Again Already?2018-06-06T10:15:24+00:00

Not As Fast As You Might Think


In a recent Security Week article, Justin Fier holds forth on a topic that is at once both incredible and credible. The topic is data exfiltration, and the perspective the article casts makes it a worthy read. Most consumers and laypeople in the commercial streams of the Internet think data breaches occur with great haste, [...]

Not As Fast As You Might Think2018-05-30T10:53:11+00:00


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